Phrased with purpose


Do you have a message to communicate but not quite sure how to phrase it? Are you too short on time to write?

Then I’m your writer. 


Hi, I’m Oyelola Oyetunji.

I’m a freelance content and copywriter based in Sydney, Australia. 

Most copywriting compels the reader to act in some way. I take this a step further. My copy shifts a mindset. At the very least, it plants a seed. Your reader will walk away not only with the desire to respond to your call to action but with a new way of thinking.

That’s the first step to making a change.

Let me help you articulate your message. For more of my story, click here.

Content & Copywriting Services

Blog writing

Blog posts & articles expressing thoughts and insights on topical issues to better engage your readers (ghostwriting or guest blogging)

Business writing

Writing meaningful content for business documents to make you look good to your boss or client

Website content writing

Communicating your brand & story through website content to help your site visitors better understand your purpose 

Proofreading & editing

You write and I edit to help you communicate your intended message and dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”

Printed publications

Writing original, engaging content to be published in offline mediums 

Other copywriting services

Crafting persuasive content that motivates your readers to take action, increasing your conversion rates


I recently reached out to Oyelola to assist me with content writing and refining my website bio. I’m so happy I did! She far exceeded my expectations and shared my message in a way that was true to my voice. I cannot wait to engage her again for future content.

Tamara Henry

Investment Property Strategist & Business Owner

Oyelola is a highly experienced communicator who is able to adapt and change writing styles to capture the target audience. I have worked with her for many years on a number of projects and Oyelola consistently provides exceptional value to the business. Her talent in being able to translate an idea or concept and bring it to life is rare, not to mention Oyelola’s ability to communicate in a language that resonates with the audience. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with Oyelola into the future.

Wendy Tse

Chief of Staff & External Affairs, MetLife Australia

I have worked with Oyelola for many years and have struggled to find a finer wordsmith. Oyelola’s ability to analyse complex concepts and simplify them for the reader is a true skill. Her dedication and ability to always deliver is a rare talent. I could not recommend Oyelola and the work she does highly enough and thank her for the critical part she has played in our success.

Adam Gee

Head of Strategy & Marketing, GROW

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