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I write empathy-powered copy to help you articulate powerful messages and attract the right people

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Hi, I'm Oyelola.

pronounced: oh-yeah-loh-lah

After 8 years in professional services consulting, my desire to climb the corporate ladder dwindled.

So, I quit my job.

Did I have another job lined up? No. Did I have a plan? No.

A few months later, I stumbled into freelance writing by helping my ex-boss write tender responses for a fin-tech company.

Seeing the roaring success, I thought writing could be my “thing”.

Before I shared my plan with a single soul, that same day I got a call from a friend asking if I could write website copy for her passion project.

I had my first client – and I hadn’t even launched my business yet!

But from that seed Phrased with Purpose was born.

Today, I write empathy-powered copy to help purpose-driven businesses articulate powerful messages that attract the right people.

Let’s create your magnetic message together.

I'm here to help you

Craft magnetic messages that prompt people to think and act.

brand values



I believe every person has a voice that deserves to be heard. That’s why I take the time to understand you and your audience.



I believe you have a powerful message to share and your “why” is at the heart of that message. Every word I write speaks to that purpose.



I believe that copywriting should prioritise connection over conversion. So, I craft copy that builds connection between you and your audience.



I believe in relationships, not transactions. I’m committed to going the distance with you! When I say I’m going to do something, I do it.

*I believe in offering both my skills and resources to purpose-driven organisations. That’s why I donate 1% of my revenue to a charity I support, Love Mercy Foundation.

I'm on a mission to sharpen the voices of purpose-driven businesses to stand out in a noisy market

here's how i do it...

STEP 1: Discovery call

We’ll have a 30-minute call to determine how my services can help you and if we’re a good fit to work together.

STEP 2: Quote

If we agree to move forward, I’ll send you a quote or proposal based on your copy needs.

STEP 3: Project

If you accept the quote, we’ll get the formalities (contract, deposit) sorted. Then we’ll kick off your copywriting project so you walk away with copy that connects!

I’m not just your writer, I also partner with you to bring out the best in your message. I believe in collaboration and take the time to understand the brief and workshop ideas with you so you’re happy with the final output.

When you work with me, you get copy that puts people first and prioritises connection before conversion.

Because it’s genuine connection that nurtures long-term customer loyalty to build a sustainable business.

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Let's work together

ready to sharpen your message for high impact?

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