7 positive signs indicating you’ve found your ideal copywriter

Are you looking for a copywriter to help you write copy for your business?

Whether it’s your website, blogs, email marketing or social media captions, the words you put out in the world are crucial to the success of your business.

So, your search for a copywriter to write those words should be purposeful. To help you with your search, I’ve compiled 7 positive signs that indicate you’ve found the ideal copywriter for your business.

#1 You like their writing style

When you hire a copywriter, they’ll likely be the one to write the first words your target market reads when they land on your website. If not, they may craft the words in the emails your customers receive in their inbox once a week. Whatever it is you hire a copywriter for, what they write will represent your business in some way.

So, choose carefully and start by considering their writing style.

Check out their website portfolio to read work they’ve done for other clients. Better yet, read the blogs on their own website as this should reflect their true writing style. Is their style compatible with your brand voice?

Another thing to note is the quality of their work. Is what they write something you would be proud of, or do you cringe at the typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors that appear more than you’d like them to?

If the copywriter’s style doesn’t work with your brand (or they can’t demonstrate their ability to adapt), then keep looking.

#2 They have relevant experience

Most writers are excellent researchers. This means if you ask a writer to write about an unfamiliar subject, they’ll likely rise to the occasion. The more experienced the writer is, the better they’re able to do this.

But do they know your audience? Do they understand your industry?

You might hire a well-regarded copywriter with a marketing background to write copy for your finance business and they do a decent job but it’s a little too salesy for your brand. Or it doesn’t read quite right because they’re yet grasp all the finance terms.

Save yourself the headache of having to educate your copywriter by hiring one with suitable experience, both as a writer and working in your industry.

Ultimately, you want to be confident this person will add value to your business.

Here are some ways to discover whether a copywriter has the right experience:

  • Read the ‘About’ page on their website
  • Find client testimonials and reviews about their work
  • Ask them directly during a discovery call: “What’s your experience as a copywriter?” “Have you worked on a similar project in the past?” “What types of businesses have you worked with previously?

If you’re happy with what you see/hear during the initial discovery phase, then take the next step and ask for a quote.

#3 They’re a good fit

In business, there are few things more painful than working with someone who is on a different page when it comes to their values and priorities.

For example, you might own a sustainable business and one of your core values is to adopt an ethical approach in everything you do. A copywriter who is solely focused on conversion rates and will do anything (e.g. manipulation through word play) to boost sales is probably not the copywriter for you.

You want a copywriter who gets you and your vision, who can articulate the essence of your brand because they’re aligned in values and priorities. Keep this in mind when searching for your copywriter and you’ll save yourself from the drama caused by an extreme clash of opinions.

To discover whether a copywriter is a good fit, explore their website and take note of the type of language they use – this should indicate the values they hold. If not, your initial conversation should reveal their values as a copywriter. If all else fails, simply ask them directly “why do you think you’re the best fit for my business?”


#4 You have compatible work styles

How do you like to work? Are you someone who plans well in advance and likes to get things done before they’re due? If so, working with a copywriter who prefers time pressure because that’s when they thrive – not the best idea.

To avoid the frustration of chalk & cheese approaches, find someone with a similar working style to you. This should add ease to your working relationship and help you establish aligned expectations.

How can you suss out a copywriter’s work style before working with them? If their process is not disclosed on their website, ask. Ask them to share their typical process for working on client copy. Then, decide whether you’re comfortable with that process.

During your initial contact, also note how they communicate. This is a sign of whether they will make communication a priority throughout the project. Good communication is also key for aligned expectations.

#5 They offer the services you need

Now, you’re hardly going to hire a copywriter who specialises in social media copy to write your long-form blog posts. Not that a copywriter can’t do both, but your best bet is to hire them for a service they do particularly well.

Before you lose time over researching their writing style and experience and discovering their values and work styles, check the services page on their website to see whether they offer the services you need.

If you can’t find this information or need more clarity, take up the usual offer of a free discovery call and ask “what copywriting services do you provide?”.

If they don’t offer the service you need, don’t try to persuade them to start offering it. You’ll only get a subpar outcome if you ask a copywriter to provide a service they don’t enjoy or have no interest in doing. Instead, ask for recommendations of other copywriters who do offer the service.


#6 You can afford their rates

Before you start your search for a copywriter, figure out your budget for the project you’d like them to work on. This should give you a reference point when discussing fees and reviewing their quote.

To see whether it would even be worth having that initial conversation, browse the pricing and packages featured on the copywriter’s website so you know whether their rates are within your budget.

There’s no point having a great chat to determine you like their work and writing styles, are a good fit and have suitable experience, only to discover you can’t afford their rates. I don’t want that kind of disappointment for you.

However, you might get lucky and be offered a discount rate if the copywriter sees you as an ideal client or is looking to build out their portfolio. Who knows?


#7 They’re available to take on new work

Will they respond to email and questions in a timely manner? Will they deliver the work on time as promised?

These are questions you need to consider when looking for a copywriter for your business. You’ve got your own deadlines to meet so you want to be confident your copywriter will also meet the agreed delivery times.

You should consider this both in terms of the timing of their availability and if they have capacity for the workload you require.  Again, this is something to ask during your initial discovery call conversation.

Have you worked with the copywriter before? If so, were these 7 signs evident when you first hired them? Let me know about your experience with copywriters by leaving a comment – as a copywriter, I value your insights!

And if you’re looking for a copywriter to help you share your message, contact me and let’s chat.

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