Strategic content writing

Content to move forward in your business strategy

The way your business communicates is crucial to your success

It plays a key role in shaping how your business is perceived by internal and external stakeholders (think employees, shareholders, customers, and the community).

Communication that’s consistent with your brand voice is a must-have to build trust with your different audiences.

Strategic content

Looking to write strategic content for your audience? I can help you write your:

  • Press releases
  • Email newsletters
  • Proposals
  • Sales decks
  • Marketing flyers
  • Case studies

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investment: project based

the process



We have a briefing session to discuss your specific goals for the piece of communication, audience and key messages. This will result in a written copy brief I’ll use as a guide when writing.


I’ll look at your existing branding/communications guide and customer research, and supplement it with desktop research if needed.


I then write the communication, reflecting your brand voice, values and message – words that engage your audience and help you achieve your set goal – from simply informing to influencing action.



To write effective content, you need a strategy to give you direction and a plan to make it happen.

Developing a content strategy requires both a strategic hat and a creative hat. And it can be hard to wear the two at the same time. Let me wear one of those hats and support you.

Together, we’ll develop a content strategy that’s aligned with your business goals and brand strategy. It includes things like your marketing objectives, content pillars, key themes and specific content topics to use during the year.

This will help you produce consistent content throughout the year and build strong engagement with your audience.

investment: $1,050+

*Price in AUD, excludes 10% GST

Prefer to write your own content?

Brand messaging matrix

Maybe you’re all set with a brand/communications guide but need a cheat sheet to get the words flowing.

A brand messaging matrix could be your answer. The tactical offspring of your strategic brand voice guide.

Your brand messaging matrix is a summary that shapes your key messages to communicate your value and stand out from others in the market.

investment: $750+

*Price in AUD, excludes 10% GST

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