5 Strategic Benefits of Developing a Clear and Authentic Brand Voice

Do you have a memorable brand voice that sets your business apart from the rest?

A voice that echoes your values and attracts your ideal people.

A voice that’s so distinct that if you deviated from it, your audience would notice and start asking questions.

A voice that, as soon as people read or view your content, they know it’s your brand without even seeing your face or logo.

Well, to achieve that kind of brand voice, you need more than a few words that come as an afterthought.

Cultivating a brand voice that stands out requires intentional reflection, strategy and positioning.

What is a brand voice?

A brand voice is the voice and personality that represents your brand.

Your brand voice is key to communicate who you are and what you stand for. It communicates what matters to you and is a magnet for attracting an audience with aligned values.

Your brand voice is also an experience. It influences how your audience thinks and feels whenever they interact with your brand.

And sticking with a consistent brand voice guides how you show up for your audience across every channel.

It all comes together in one of my favourite documents as a copywriter – your Brand Voice Guide. Your Brand Voice Guide documents the guiding principles for every piece of communication and marketing you produce.

It’s the blueprint for all your messaging and keeps you consistent across every brand touchpoint.

Your Brand Voice Guide is gold for nailing your messaging every time. This document covers all the elements that make up your brand voice in a comprehensive guide you can keep going back to. What are those elements? Sit tight, I’m getting to that now…

Elements of a brand voice

To define a crystal-clear brand voice, there are a few other elements you need to be clear on first. These are:

  1. Mission statement – how are you achieving your brand’s big vision?
  2. Brand story – what’s your origin story and defining moments that led to where you are?
  3. Unique selling proposition – what makes your brand different?
  4. Brand personality – what are your brand’s characteristics, drives, desires and fears?
  5. Brand values – what are the guiding principles that shape everything you do in your business?

Doing the work to define each of these elements will lead you to your brand voice so you can stand out to the people who matter. Which brings me to the first strategic benefit of developing your brand voice…

#1 Stand out from other brands

When you’re in a highly saturated market and what you offer looks very much like your competitors, how do you set yourself apart?

To stand out among all the noise (especially online), you want to be known for something. Your brand voice helps you do that. It reinforces what you stand for as it echoes through your tone, language and statements.

Make sure you define your brand voice before others do it for you! You want to control your brand, how you show up in this world and how you’re perceived. Don’t let your customers, competitors or the market do it for you.

When you get crystal clear on your brand voice, you make your brand memorable. That clarity comes with focus.

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone and do all the things, narrow it down. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What is the one thing your customers can get from you that they can’t get anywhere else?
  • What is the one word you want people to associate with your brand?
  • What is the one feeling you want your customers to experience when they interact with your brand?

Your answers to these questions will get you closer to uncovering your stand-out brand voice.

#2 Attract customers with aligned values

How do you attract loyal customers who keep coming back for more?

Your brand voice.

As I mentioned earlier, your brand values are a key element to defining your brand voice.

But heed this warning – listing a bunch of generic values your customers will also see on your competitors’ websites isn’t going to cut it.

Dig deep. Go back to your “why” and what you stand for. Reflect on your mission statement, the defining moments and turning points in your brand story – what values emerge?

Once you discover your brand values, communicate how those values will benefit your ideal customers.

It’s those aligned values that’ll create that magnetic pull. So, you become the no-brainer solution for the customers that appreciate you most.

#3 Keep your messaging consistent

A few months ago, I was chatting with a client about a pain point they were experiencing with their messaging.

This client had grown significantly over the last few years. As a result, they had multiple teams writing all forms of content for different client segments.

But the content these teams were producing wasn’t consistent. It wasn’t written in one voice. This meant they lost trust with some of their audience and their engagement and sales were taking a hit.

This is a great example of why it’s so important to have a brand voice guide that defines how you show up across every single channel.

You want people to recognise your brand and see that you meet the expectations that you set with them. That builds trust.

And this isn’t just for the larger companies – brand voice guides are also for you, solopreneur!

When you’re doing all the things and wearing all the hats, it’s easy to lose sight of your overall brand voice when creating content for your business. Don’t wait for your business to grow to a certain size before you invest in laying the foundations of a clear brand voice.

Don’t leave your audience scratching their heads in confusion about who you are.

If you want to build connection, engage with your audience and build trust with loyal customers, then you want to be consistent (more on that here) with how you show up on every occasion.

#4 Build customer loyalty

When you show up with a consistent message and voice, no matter where or how your audience interacts with you, it builds trust and credibility with your audience.

A consistent brand voice creates a foundation of loyal, long-term customers with aligned values who keep coming back for more!

Isn’t that what you want when you’re building a sustainable business?

#5 Inform your marketing, PR & social strategy

Once you define your brand voice (and have a Brand Voice Guide in place), you’ll find that creating marketing content will become a heck of a lot easier!

You get to go back to the Yellow Brick Road that is your Brand Voice Guide to take you to the message that feels like home for your brand.

I can personally testify to the difference defining your brand voice achieves in creating content for your business.

Before launching my in-depth brand voice process, I decided to first improve my own Brand Voice Guide using this process.

So, I did.

And since then, writing copy for Phrased with Purpose has been so much easier! I thought I knew my brand voice before but now I really know it.

The words flow like never before because my “why”, who I serve and what I stand for are so clear.

I want that for you, too.

How I can help you define your brand voice

As I said before, defining your brand voice is more than just brainstorming a few adjectives that seem to align with your brand and calling it a day. There’s a strategic process behind uncovering your true, authentic brand voice that sets your business apart.

And doing it right is key to writing compelling, empathy-powered copy. Whether you’re writing it yourself or hiring someone to write it for you.

Here’s how I can personally help you define your memorable brand voice:

  1. Discovering and defining your brand values and convictions by answering targeted questions.
  2. Identifying your specific target audience and customer archetypes so your audience feels seen and heard.
  3. Identifying your brand personality and how to emotionally connect with your customer’s values.
  4. Crafting your powerful brand story to showcase your brand personality, reflect your values and attract your ideal customers.
  5. Bringing it all together to define your magnetic brand voice that clearly communicates who you are and what you stand for.
  6. Creating a Brand Voice Guide that documents your brand voice and personality including your mission, values, positioning strategy, customer persona, story and tone.

If you’re ready to get clear on your brand voice and to do the work to create a message that builds a foundation of loyal, long-term customers, then book a discovery call with me.

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