Terms and Conditions

Thanks for taking the time to read the Phrased with Purpose terms and conditions. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that we’re about to begin a working relationship that involves trust, clear communication and kicking goals. At least, that’s what our journey will encompass if we both understand our roles, responsibilities and obligations to each other.

Please note: By indicating you want to work with me and providing written agreement to the issued quotation/contract, you are also stating that you’ve taken the time to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our working arrangement. Please make sure you do! Trust me, it’s an easier read than most terms and conditions you’ve come across before. 

1.1 All clients who hire Phrased with Purpose go through a briefing process. This involves you completing a briefing form so I can understand you, your business and project needs. This will be followed by a discovery call via phone or Zoom to address any other project details and any clarifying questions. I may record our call by taking notes and recording the audio so I don’t miss a thing.

1.2 You will give me access to any of your current online presence and communication assets I believe are relevant to do the work required. During the process, you may need to supply the URL to your website, existing social media channels and/or any other necessary documentation so I can draft a well-informed contract for your project. I will keep all of this information confidential, and use it only for the purposes of the project.

1.3 You will give me the information I need to review your project needs effectively. For background, this may include (but is not limited to) supporting documentation such as a business plan, your mission statement and product/service documentation. These details will all be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

1.4 You understand that my job is to write for your project. You as the project owner are required to understand what your project entails before engaging my services. My role as your content writer is to write the message you wish to communicate into an agreeable format.

2.1   Quotations are based on the scope of the work given to me at our initial contact during the briefing stage. Quotations will outline the scope of work, key activities, and a quote based on the work to be done. The quote is valid for 30 days from the date noted on the quotation. Once accepted, a subsequent contract will be issued to you for signing.

2.2   Please read the contract word for word. I know that goes without saying but it’s important for us to remain on the same page. This is an opportunity before signing and paying the deposit for you to raise any questions or points for clarification. It’s in your best interests!

2.3   Your quotation includes revisions and rewrites. As this will vary based on the scope of work, the number of rounds for revisions will be noted within the proposal. Additional revisions will be charged per the rate outlined in the contract. I will seek approval from you for these extra charges before starting the additional work.

2.4   Scope creep is real. I’ve witnessed it many times in my consulting life. It also comes at an additional cost. As the contract and quotation within it have been drafted after careful consideration of your project needs, any changes to the original scope will cost you extra. Where this is the case, you will be notified via email of the cost and work required to address your changes. Before the changes are implemented, you need to respond with your agreement to the additional cost in writing.

2.5   I only accept approvals of quotes and contract terms in writing. You need to send me an email stating the work is approved and/or return a signed copy of the contract. Verbal confirmation will not be accepted as approval.

2.6   I work with you to develop a contract that reflects your project needs. Once we agree on the elements of the project, I will send the final contract/quote and deposit invoice.

2.7   The prices I quote are done considering both your budget and mine. Please don’t ask for discounts and I promise not to treat your project like a cash cow. However, I am open to feedback for future consideration.

2.8   I accept compensation for my work only in the form of actual money. Please don’t offer me non-cash compensation in lieu of actual payment.

3.1 At the time I send you the contract, I will also issue an invoice together with appropriate payment details. Once you review it and you’re happy with it, please pay and the work can begin!

3.2 For projects of any fee amount, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% before I start work on your project. This allows me to focus on your project rather than getting distracted by worrying about where my next pay check will come from.

3.3 I’m currently registered for Goods & Services Tax (GST), which means you will pay 10% GST on all my invoices, as per Australian Tax Office requirements.

3.4 A retainer contract will mean we make a minimum three-month commitment to each other. This will be at an agreed monthly rate based on the work required. You will receive invoices from me on a monthly basis, payable within 10 days. Please note that work will not progress without that payment. I’m open to negotiating different terms, depending on the circumstances.

3.5 Once work is complete, the balance of your invoice is due within 10 days of issue.

3.6 By providing approval for a contract/quotation and engaging my services, you accept responsibility for any invoice that remains unpaid for more than 10 days. This responsibility includes paying 2.5% interest (compounded) on your overdue account from the 11th day through to the 20th day. For accounts more than 21 days in arrears, a 10% invoice late fee will be charged. Complete inaction will result in me lodging that invoice as bad debt, which may negatively affect your ability to work with select businesses and/or hold government contracts in future.

3.7 Any expenses associated with the project (e.g. online fees, software, etc.) are to be covered by you. I will advise of such costs as they arise and send to you to make payment. Please note I don’t make any purchases on behalf of my clients.

3.8 If at any time you wish to terminate my services, I will issue an invoice to you for all work undertaken to that point in time. Please remember that your deposit is non-refundable. I will send the output from the work completed to date to any new service provider you may choose. I’ve never encountered this before, but I do understand that circumstances may change and seek to end every client relationship amicably.

4.1 My current work processes mean that a majority of key information will be exchanged during the briefing process. This reduces the need for meetings which only rob us of our time. No meetings means more time in your calendar for the things that need your attention the most. That being said, I am open to virtual meetings to address any key changes that may arise, if required. I will provide you with regular updates of my progress by email so that we continue to be on the same page throughout the project.

4.2 Timelines will be clearly communicated. I commit to letting you know when the work will commence, when you should expect drafts and, based on draft feedback, when your project will be completed. In turn, you commit to providing me the information I need to begin working on your project, provide the necessary feedback on drafts, and give approval for the finished work in a timely manner.

4.3 I will work towards a timeline that suits us both. If you need more time to provide feedback on drafts, please let me know. Likewise, I will notify you if the work requires more time than expected. We both accept the responsibility to inform the other of any changes to the timeline in a timely manner. This includes in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as equipment and power failure, personal injury, death in the family, political unrest and/or force majeure.

4.4 I understand that sometimes last-minute jobs cannot be avoided. To maintain good personal health, I rarely work during the evenings, weekends and public holidays. If you require a project with tight timelines, the minimum project cost is AUD$2,000 with an additional 20% surcharge. This needs to be paid in full and upfront.

4.5 If you have engaged me under a retainer contract, you will need to send me anything pertinent to completing each month’s work by an agreed date each month. This allows me to ask questions to obtain clarification if required. Please inform me of any changes to information as soon as practicable. Your monthly retainer is a set fee per month. This fee will still be charged if you do not communicate the required information for the work to be performed.

4.6 Unscheduled phone calls disrupt my workflow and reduce my productivity. I am open to scheduling regular check-in phone calls as part of your delivery. You’re welcome to leave a voice mail message (with your name, phone number and reason for the call). However, email is preferred for paper trail and as a source of reference. Please note that check-in/feedback phone calls and meetings over and above the initial briefing call will be charged by the hour.

5.1 You can expect that I will:

  • be transparent
  • be professional
  • be respectful of your time
  • consider your budget when undertaking work
  • deliver high quality

In return, I expect that you will be transparent, professional, respectful of my time and reasonable about the allocated budget to your project.

5.2 Gaining consensus from the stakeholders in your business is your responsibility. Please nominate only one point of contact for your project for me to communicate with and provide a unified response during the feedback cycle to minimise revisions.

5.3 You accept that you are not my only client. For us to maintain a pleasant working relationship, please allow reasonable timeframes for responses. Under normal circumstances, you can expect a response to your email within one business day. Please understand that response timeframes may be extended under unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness/injury).

5.4 You can expect that I will communicate any planned holidays that may fall within the duration of your project and will take this into consideration when agreeing to timelines. I expect that you will also notify me of your (or your nominated point of contact) holidays or days out of office. This will help to prevent any unexpected hiatus in your project.

6.1 Until you pay your final invoice for the finished work, the copyright and IP remain with me. This is to protect me from you “forgetting” to pay the final invoice and using my work without paid permission. Once you pay the invoice, the content I have written under ghostwriting terms becomes yours.

6.2 I promise not to share your business plan, objectives, keywords or anything prepared and discussed with a competitor of yours. I respect the confidentiality of any information that may be shared during the course of us working together.

6.3 You are responsible for securing your trademarks and IP, and ensuring you are not infringing on someone else’s lawful property either accidentally or intentionally. I cannot be held responsible for this.

6.4 If someone does try to sue you for breaches of IP or associated problems, you agree to indemnify me from all legal fees, claims, costs and expenses. In turn, I promise not to do anything intentionally that could be considered re-purposing.

6.5 Once you receive your content from me and have made final payment, you can edit and change it as you wish. However, you also accept that changes to my work will remove my responsibility to them. The work I produce is to an agreed brief based on information provided at the time of writing. If you make changes after I handover the completed work, you need to take responsibility for any negative outcomes.

7.1 Upon completion of the finished work, you provide permission for me to display the work in my website portfolio. This may include screenshots, reproduction and/or a summary of the work undertaken. This helps me promote my business so I can pay the bills. Should any aspect of the work be confidential in nature, please inform me and I will omit it from the portfolio.

8.1 For website content and copywriting projects, should you wish for me to include SEO writing agreed during the briefing process, I will endeavour to use the SEO best practices at the time of working on your project. However, I note that nobody can predict what the next Google algorithm change will be. I will base all my SEO decisions on the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

8.2 I will supply you with information related to on-page SEO to support the content produced. This includes (but isn’t limited to) keywords, quality of content and anything else that may contribute to your website rank from a content perspective. What information you use is at your discretion. If you decide to disregard this information, I can’t be held responsible for any issues you have in terms of ranking or being penalised/banned by Google.

8.3 You accept that it will take time to build a library of blog posts/articles and to develop an engaged, trusting audience via content.

8.4 SEO requires technical knowledge and a functioning website. If your website lacks strong technical foundations, security via an SSL certificate, is slow, is not mobile responsive, has broken links, is poorly designed, its sitemap isn’t working properly and/or isn’t functioning, this is work for a developer. My role as a copywriter does not cover fixing SEO technical issues. If I do identify any of these issues during the course of my work, I will communicate this with you to pass on to your developer.

Phrased with Purpose is located and performs business operations in Australia. These terms and conditions are governed by Australian law and you agree and submit to exclusive jurisdiction in the Australian courts. Any disputes will be held within the New South Wales courts.

These terms and conditions form the basis of our working relationship moving forward, and supersede any assumptions and/or verbal conversations. Additional terms and conditions and/or agreed modifications will be supplied to you as part of your contract. Any waiver of breach of specific conditions cannot be construed as a waiver and/or breach of the entire agreement or non-related clauses. You agree through payment of monies (deposit or otherwise) and verbal agreement of a working relationship that we will abide this agreement at all times.

If you have any queries about the Terms and Conditions please contact me at:


Policy last updated: 23 May 2022

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