How to effortlessly write your website’s About page

Does your business or organisation’s website have an About page?

You know, the webpage that tells us what your business is all about and communicates that essence of your brand, giving us a glimpse of what you stand for.

Some people would call this page their brand story. Either term is fine, as long as you have one of these pages included on your website!


Because, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, your About page is the place to feature the person or people behind the brand. People connect with people.

It’s a vital page for a website that kicks goals and gets your ideal customers or clients in the door. People want to know the person they’re going to work with, or give their money to.

It’s about building trust.

And yet even though an About page captures who you are and why you do what you do, it can be the hardest page to write. Many business owners can easily explain their offering and how it would benefit their target market, but when it comes to telling the story behind their business and introducing themselves as the genius behind their valuable product or service – they get stuck.

It’s the “so what?” that can get any person stumped.

You share the story of the origins of your business – so what? What relevance does it have for the person who decided to visit your website and read your story?

Crafting an About page that’s relevant, with the right about of information, yet also exudes your brand, can be a challenge if you’re writing the words without professional help.

If the copywriter route isn’t for you, in this blog I share a few one-worded questions to help you keep your About page relevant, engaging and informative.

Ready for the first question? Here it is…


Who is the person or the team that brought your business to life?

Introduce them to the reader. Include experiences, facts or interests about them that are relevant to what you are offering. Why do these things make this person or people the ones we want to buy that new skincare product from or ask to help us manage our marketing initiatives?

This leads me to credibility. Credibility is another factor that contributes to building trust. Use this as an opportunity to highlight how credible these people are by sharing their career history, past projects or key credentials.

Another piece of information that helps your audience connect with you or the team behind the brand is by sharing your values. What do you stand for? Try to focus more on what you’re for and less on what you’re against. Keep it positive – you want to draw in the right people, not repel all people.


What is your main goal of your business’ product or service?

You would’ve already introduced your audience to what you offer and what problem it solves on the Home page of your website.

This is where you let them in on the bigger picture. What first drove you to turn your idea into a tangible business? If there’s a greater cause that your audience can rally behind, share it.



Most people love a good origin story, timelines and all. Bring in storytelling here – when and where did it all begin?

Sharing the “when” is great for businesses that have been around for generations, to display longevity and communicate “we’re a trusted brand and we’re here to stay”. It’s also a way to share meteoric rise of what may have once been an underdog brand but is now dominating the market and giving the people what they need.

It might be helpful to use images or graphics here to engage those who prefer to take information visually. You could include a visual representation of your business’ evolution from origin to now, or photos of your shop front from back in the day compared to your stores today.

Take your audience on the journey.


Why did you start the business?

Was there a specific experience, event, or need that prompted you to develop a solution? Let your audience know the why behind the what.

Share the purpose behind your business. What gets you up each morning to work on this product or service? Show them that you genuinely believe in what you’re doing and they’ll genuinely believe in you.

Why should they choose you?


How did you go from an idea to a fully-fledged product or service?

Share the process involved in bringing it to life, you may even want to share the challenges you encountered along the way and how you overcame them. Show your audience that it wasn’t all smooth sailing from beginning to end – people connect with a story they can relate to.

If it’s an option, you can also let them know how they can get involved with what you’re doing, beyond simply buying your products or receiving your services.

Let them join you on the journey and create raving fans and champions along the way.

So, are you ready to write (or re-write) an impressive About page?

If not, it may be worth revisiting the other pages of your website for fresh inspiration; remind yourself of the why, what and how of your product/service. Check out my previous blog for the 7 must-have features for irresistibly good website copy.

If you need help wrestling with the words – that’s what I’m here for. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation discovery call and we can chat about how I can support you.

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